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Mas de Gourgonnier Rosé

April 20, 2010

After a few hiccups in our schedules – one of us got a new job while the other got a work travel schedule that… simply is all over the place – Eat Boutique and this humble blog were a bit left to themselves (I mean, a post on Hello Kitty wines, really??).

However, things are hopefully getting back under control and we were able to have a new post published on Eat Boutique this week. To make things even better, it’s about one of our happiest moments year in, year out: our first rosé of the season.

If you’re like us, there are few things more exciting than the first few outdoor rosés of the year. Nothing screams summer and good times like rosé. Last Saturday was the perfect day for that.

[…] very full in the mouth while remaining well-balanced. There are some smoky flavors as well as some woodsiness. It is a very food friendly rosé and is very savory as opposed to many sweeter rosés who tend to be on the fruity side. It would be perfect with a platter of meats and cheeses, bruschetta or young olives – the perfect aperitive for a sunny afternoon, really!

We cannot wait for the next bottle.

Read more on Eat Boutique’s A Rose for the Sunny Days

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