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Moleskine’s New Wine Journals

February 20, 2010

If you are like us, you go through an incredible amount of information each day. Sorting it, organizing it and, most importantly, making sure we can summon it at the right moment has become a daily challenge. That’s why we got into blogging to begin with… and a few years later, Twitter.

Once we started properly tasting wine, things became somewhat hectic. Over the years, we made wine tasting notes in way too many notebooks/apps/you name it and to be honest it sometimes feel like we cannot open a random notebook without finding the first 2 pages are taken by tasting notes.

Here comes Moleskine and their new “Passion” line. We have often debated the value of these luxury notebooks. They are beautiful and feel wonderful to use, but they are quite pricey and although we do splurge once in a while, we are far from owning as many of them as we’d like – oh how we miss Ryman’s half-priced knock-off!

With their latest “Passion” series, Moleskine may well have just taken the last step in convincing us that we cannot live without their notebooks. Is it old-school? Of course! Could you do the same thing, probably more efficiently, with one of the many wine iPhone apps out there? Sure. So why do we feel like we still can’t live without one?  (Must be the video).

How do you keep track of all this wine knowledge flying around? Or do you?

Want more? Check out our Facebook fan page where we’ve featured their video.

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